District Chairman's Message

Greetings from your new District Chairman!


Thank you for selecting me as your District Chairman for the next two years at our District Convention held in New Bern on Saturday, April 17th. I appreciate your support and will do my very best to represent the Third District in a manner that will exemplify the best traditions of Republicans throughout our 17 County District. I am proud to declare that I am a Conservative Republican, guided by my faith in God and the basic principles and core beliefs of our founding fathers as enumerated in the Constitution of the United States. I am not ashamed to state that I believe in the sanctity of life and all the individual rights and freedoms in our founding documents. These are the principles and beliefs that have made America great in the past and will ensure greatness for years to come. The words "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" mean something to me and I believe they mean the same to you.

For those of you unfamiliar with my background, permit me to introduce myself with a brief bio. I am a hillbilly from Arkansas, growing up in the hills and brought up to respect God, family and our country.  I joined the Navy to serve my country and met the love of my life, Judy, in Virginia Beach where were married almost 52 years ago.  We have two sons, one daughter in law and two grandchildren and feel very blessed.  I graduated from Cornell in 1974 and worked in fisheries research for the University for five years before entering the environmental field, spending 23 years with Remington/ DuPont and 7 years with Honeywell.  I was elected for three terms as Mayor of Ilion, NY (home of Remington and Judy!) during my time at Remington. I retired from Honeywell in 2010 and have been involved in Republican politics since then, currently serving as Pamlico County Chair and now as the new Third District Chairman, thanks to all of you! One of the greatest honors was the privilege to serve as one of the 15 Presidential Electors in 2020.  So, I had the honor of voting, legally, twice for President Trump.  I remain steadfastly a supporter of President Trump and the vision he has for America, AMERICA FIRST!

The Third District has a job to do and I am confident that with the team you have selected from throughout our 17 Counties we will be up to the task. I don’t believe it is necessary to detail here all the challenges, in the Third District, we know what they are and every day it seems that the liberal Left in Charge (Socialists), add another attack on our Constitution, our Country and our way of life. It is one of the great challenges of our lifetime to mobilize, unite and work our butts off to vet Conservative Candidates that will enter the battlefield with courage and conviction, to not only defend our values,  but  go on offense standing up proud for our shared beliefs. We are fortunate,in my opinion, to have elected Representatives in our District that are doing exactly that. Part of our job is to help support them and encourage other Districts to work hard to elect more like minded representatives to achieve a supermajority to curb the liberal acts of a Governor that is totally out of touch with most North Carolinians.

My top priorities will be to establish frequent communications with County Chairs and their teams, to offer support where wanted and possible; to work on improving our District system and processes; develop a fundraising effort to be ready next year to support our candidates in critical elections including the all important judicial elections; and to have informative and educational Executive Committee meetings. My style of leadership is to seek input, listen and discuss, weigh alternatives, then make a decision and follow that with action.  We will not always agree on details or specifics, however I believe we all have a common goal “DO NOT LET THE LIBERAL SOCIALSTS TAKE OUR GUNS OR OUR COUNTRY !


Dave Wickersham | Chairman

NCGOP 3rd Congressional District