District Chairman's Message

August 8, 2022. America, formerly known as a Constitutional Republic, became a Banana Republic. The current regime has totally taken over and controls the Armed Forces, the FBI, DOJ, the CIA, the former Democrat Party and the Media. It has only taken a little less than two years for the Socialist Liberals in the Democrat Party to demonstrate they are not intent on “transforming” America, they are intent on “destroying” America.

The pre-dawn raid of former President Donald Trump’s personal residence at Mar-a-Lago is the final action of a liberal left and Socialist Party that is consumed with hatred and fear of our former President.  I pray that this illegal and unconstitutional police state vendetta toward a political opponent does not result in American Patriots taking to the streets in a revolutionary fervor to voice their utter disgust of the ruling Party. Instead, I pray that this incredible abuse of individual rights and liberties galvanizes ALL AMERICAN PATRIOTS, NOT JUST TRUMP SUPPORTERS, to turn out on November 8th and demonstrate to the world that we can control a crazed Dictator, using the power of the ballot and our constitutional right to vote.  If you are one of those citizens that disliked the Trump tweets and at times abrasive personality, how do you feel about the Government storming into a former President’s home before the sun is up, armed to the teeth and executing questionable search warrant from a local Magistrate, authorized by the Attorney General of the United States and the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Are you concerned about what will happen next and to whom?  This weaponization of our law enforcement agencies will not end with this incident but will be repeated against other dissidents known as Republican Conservatives and other Patriots.  If you are not concerned, you should be.

However, I will not give up, I will not back down, I will not be silent. I will continue speaking out against tyranny and the attacks by the liberals in the Democrat Party against our American values and culture. Let me be clear, I do not believe the majority of the registered Democrats in this country support the direction the Left is taking America.  I implore them to join with the Republicans this Fall and send a clear and strong message that they are in charge of their Party, not the Socialistic Liberals currently in charge. AMERICA MUST STAND UP AND SPEAK UP WITH THEIR BALLOT OR WE WILL CERTAINLY SEE NOT A TRANSFORMED AMERICA BUT A DESTROYED AMERICA.

Our great Country was founded by the grace of God and by Patriots with a strong Judeo-Christian ethic that has become ingrained as part of our American culture.  Tolerant and respective of others’ religious beliefs or even non-believers, America is the greatest Nation ever conceived and has been a beacon of hope for many generations that came to our shores. When the world turns dark, it is America that steps forward and shines a light, the light of freedom, the light of liberty, the light of HOPE.

Yes, we are in troubled and dark times in our great America, however I am filled with confidence and HOPE.  We will turn out this November and we will bring many with us to say with one voice, Enough is Enough, we reject your socialist message and your efforts to destroy and drag down our American values.  We affirm our God given right to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PUSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Join with me and millions of American Patriots across our great land and exercise your individual right to VOTE on November 8th, 2022, and by doing so we will begin to restore America, not destroy America.

This reflects my thoughts and I thank God I have the ability to share with you this morning.  Thank you to those working hard in the name of Freedom, for America!


Dave Wickersham

Chairman, Third District